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All of our work is centered on creating world-class people strategies for organisations that believe in creating more vibrant, sustainable economies.  We make vital connections to accelerate purposeful growth. Learn more

Philanthropy in Transition – Creating a New Kind of Leader

A globally connected world where social media creates more ‘voice’ for consumers is driving greater transparency and accountability in the ... read more


Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Advisory boards

Jules Kortenhorst
CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute

Jigar Shah
Co-Founder , Generate Capital

Daniel Aronson
Founder, Valutus

Kresse Wesling
Co-Founder Elvis and Kresse, Elvis and Kresse

Athur Potts Dawson
Chef and Social Entrepreneur,

Executive Search

Steve Howard
CSO, Ikea

Norman Pickavance
Brand Director, Grant Thornton


Lise Kingo
Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact

Anuj Pasrija
Global Head, Social Ventures, PSI

Tom Burke
Chairman, E3G

Lasse Gustavsson
Senior Vice President for Europe, Oceana

Simon Willis
European MD, Change.org


Feike Sijbesma
CEO, Royal DSM

Osvald Bjelland
CEO, Xynteo

Rob Drake-Knight
Co-Founder, Rapanui

Charmian Love
B Lab, UK

Michael La Cour
MD of Food, Ikea