A one dimensional approach to finding your purpose is a dangerous high risk strategy. Ask Antony Jenkins or even Brendan Rodgers.

December 9, 2015 by Six Degree People leave a comment + 7891 comments

Over the last 3 – 4 years the plethora of consulting firms popping up helping an organisation to find their purpose is startling. Often their clients are organisations that have experienced poor growth, vis a vis their competition most have products services and business models which haven’t kept up with our rapidly changing world. At the heart of these organisations’ is a DNA which lacks agility and resilience. The more an organsiation talks about innovation, purpose and change the less likely they are to really understand what that means in our experience.

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Leadership Stories: Change.org's Dr. Uygar Özesmi

November 13, 2013 by Ross Nicholson leave a comment + 8394 comments

Dr. Uygar Özesmi, a social and environmental entrepreneur, started early on with ecology and environmental science, was a professor, UN Bureaucrat and leader of Civil Society Organisations. He constantly founded, invigorated and led organisations; ranging from the TEMA Foundation and BirdLife Partner Doğa Derneği, to the first Nature Conservation Federation and the first crowd-sourcing site in Turkey. Finally after Greenpeace Mediterranean, he is now with Change.org.

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