Can you have it all?

September 2, 2013 by Andy James leave a comment + 8467 comments

When we first launched Six Degree People, we spent some time deciding on the types of businesses we wanted to work with and the common denominators of a great client. We decided that one description could be businesses where employees could "have it all"; working for organisations which were developing products & services the world needs more of, without over compromising on salary, which in turn created a work life blend or mix which was stimulating and sustainable.

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Sustainable Business Strategy; It's a People Thing.

August 22, 2013 by Ross Nicholson leave a comment + 8254 comments

When it comes to placing sustainability at the heart of the business, those businesses which involve the right Human Resources leadership in the development of sustainability strategy have greater success in changing and creating the necessary cultures. After all, sustainability at its heart is a people thing; without employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders along for the journey – isn’t any sustainability strategy more likely to fall on deaf ears? In order to create  the right kind of growth, aren’t the people experts absolutely vital in paving the roadmap?

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