Right-Brain Thinking is Just Not Enough

October 23, 2014 by Ross Nicholson leave a comment + 8244 comments

Having recently left yet another totally inspiring Sustainability 50 Fall Summit in New York, I’m left feeling like I just attended some kind of ‘yoga retreat for the brain’. I feel as though I’ve been punched and hugged all at the same time - but mostly hugged (in a good way). We covered a rollercoaster of emotions in just 36hrs. Game-changing leaders took us through; real-time global health threats; the colossal and diverse benefits of the financial education of women at the bottom of the pyramid; shifting business models to reinvent growth and the real threat posed by hackers but the lessons we could learn from their disruptive influence.

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Future Leaders: Cas van Kleef

October 29, 2013 by Ekaterina Dzhalchinova leave a comment + 8182 comments

Cas van Kleef started his career as a journalist researching the world of youth volunteering and development aid across the globe. After graduating from the University of Amsterdam he became Head of Political Affairs at Jonge Democraten, the biggest independent political youth organization in Holland, raising awareness of climate change. In 2013 he joined WakaWaka Foundation as President.

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Geoff McDonald: Will Your Organisation's Culture Support Sustainability?

October 4, 2013 by Andy James leave a comment + 7706 comments

Our clients are typically businesses looking to develop products and services through a lens that drives social impact and profit simultaneously. Following Ross'  blog on HR's role in defining sustainability strategy, we reached out to Unilever's Geoff McDonald (Global VP Human Resources) for a few tips on how Human Resources leaders can drive that agenda forward within their organisations...Geoff McDonald: Two Ways HR Can Aid the Sustainability Agenda.When strategy and culture collide, culture wins. If your sustainability strategy grinds against the existing culture within your organisation, your people will carry on with old behaviours despite it. So what can Human Resources do, as custodians of that culture, to play an active part in the sustainability agenda and help the success of sustainability strategies?

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Innovative Advisory Boards: The New Consultancy?

September 16, 2013 by Ross Nicholson leave a comment + 8438 comments

Question. Shouldn't the very best consultancies ultimately do themselves out of a job? Shouldn't the mark of a top-flight consultancy be one that helps build a visionary strategy, identifies challenges and opportunities - helps execute against those whilst ensuring that they build the knowledge and skills inside their client’s organisation to the point where they eventually hand over the controls?

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